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The Club House offers two separate areas for recreation. The "kids room", ideal for toddlers and small children, has a carpeted floor, blackboard wall, tables and chairs and space for kids to play freely. Parents can monitor their children from the adjacent elevated TV lounge area. The "adults playroom" offers... Continue reading
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Local excursions

Asopos Canyon's Crossing (42 klm) The gorge is ideal for traversing all year. Located on the tops of mount Iti, it is a little miracle of nature with crystal clear water. It presents historical interest as it was the passage of Ephialtes when he betrayed the Greeks to the Persians... Continue reading
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Mountain Activities

Revitalizing walks on the marked paths around the Resort are an ideal starting point for hiking on the E4 international trail. Our certified mountain guides are here to help you explore nature. Tree and rock climbing, mountain biking, flying fox, skiing, mushroom hunting, bushcraft are only a few of your... Continue reading
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Mt. Parnassus Ski Center

At an elevation of 1,600-2,250m in the areas of Kelaria and Fterolakka, Parnassus Ski Center is the largest and one of the best organized ski centers in Greece. It operates from mid to late December until the beginning of May, and is located only 25 km from our Resort. Please... Continue reading