Elatos Resort & Health Club is situated northwest of Mount Parnassos, in the region of Fokida, near the village of Agoriani (Eptalofos), and at an altitude of 1.300m.
Located in the heart of a fir forest, it is only 9 km away from the gateway to the Ski centers.

The forest around the Resort is ideal for long strolls and hiking. During spring time, one can come across the rare and beautiful peonies of Mt. Parnassus (paeonia parnassica).


Osios Loukas (45 km)
It is a historic walled monastery situated near the town of Distomo, in Veotia, Greece. It is one of the most important monuments of Middle Byzantine architecture and art, and has been listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, along with the monasteries of Nea Moni in Chios and Daphnion in Athens.
The monastery of Osios Loukas is situated at a scenic site on the slopes of Mount Helicon. It was founded in the early 10th century AD by the hermit, Venerable (Greek: Hosios) St. Luke (Greek: Lukas), whose relics are kept in the monastery to this day.
The main shrine of the monastery is the tomb of St. Luke, originally situated in the vault, but later placed at the juncture of the two churches. The monastery derived its wealth (including funds required for construction) from the fact that the relics of St. Luke were said to have exuded myron, a sort of perfumed oil which produced healing miracles.

St. George, Arachova
In the top of the village of Arachova lies the church of St. George. A three day festival that lasts three days during the month of April is a local highlight. It is a glorious church that has impressed foreign visitors throughout the years. The church, as seen today, was build in 1833 but it was first established as back as 1676. To reach the church you need to climb 264 steps from the center of the town.

Monastery of the Assumption of the Mother Mary Jerusalem
In the northwest part of Boeotia, near the village of Davlia, on the eastern slopes of Mount Parnassus and at an altitude of about 900 m, in a beautiful fir-tree landscape, one of the most important monastic centers in the region is the monastery of the Assumption of the Mother Mary Jerusalem or else known as “Monastery of Gersalis”, honored every year August 23rd.
It is believed to have been built in the 11th century AD. and its name indicates its connection with the Palestinian region, as in the wider region of Parnassus it is presumed that during the Byzantine era there were ascetics from the Holy Land.


Galaxidi (58 Klm)
A small seaside naval town that is considered one of the most picturesque and romantic towns of the Greek mainland. Take a relaxing stroll down the cobbled narrow streets and admire the traditional architecture with the colorful facades, marbled arches and stone balconies. One of the best preserved old buildings is the Girl’s School and also be sure to visit the Nautical & Historical Museum in the town center. (www.galaxidimuseum.gr)

Itea (42 Klm.)
This seaside town with its wide streets, the waterfront and its neoclassical houses will win your heart.

Countless choices

Skiing at the Parnassus Ski Centre, shopping & nightlife in Arachova, trips through history at the archaeological site of Delphi and tastes of the sea at picturesque Galaxidi. A magical world can be found around Mt. Parnassus!

Discovering nature

For nature lovers Elatos Resort & Health Club is a great starting point for excursion to the incredible nature of Mt Parnassus. Countless trails and paths lead to green meadows and waterfalls that are over 80m high.

The Parnassos National Park is characterized by the great wealth of flora and also has a geat scientific significance thus attracting many botanical scientists from around the worls.
The Park hosts a significant number of plant species, most of which are located on the highest peaks of Parnassus. There are a few different species of fir while on the north side of the mountain there are clusters of black pine.
The flora consists of 619 species and 153 subspecies. Most species belong to the aromatic category many of which have valuable pharmaceutical properties.
The vegetation in Mt Parnassus, according to Homer, was so dense that neither the sun nor the rain could penetrate it.
For more information please visit: http://www.parnassosnp.gr/

Fauna consists of animals usualy found also in other parts of Greece as well such as fox, ash, hare, squirrel, other rodent species and insects. The jackal, the wild boar, the ferret and the racoon are rare to find and the deers have almost disappeared.
One can find partridges, woodpeckers, blacksmiths and reptiles such as the Mediterranean turtle, the viper and the frog.
For more information please visit: http://www.parnassosnp.gr/


Delphi (34 Km.)
Located 34 km. away from Elatos Resort, the archaeological site of Delphi is a magnificent place.
Blending harmoniously within the superb landscape and charged with sacred meaning, Delphi, the center of Gaea (earth) as it was once believed and where the oracle of Apollo spoke, in the 6th century B.C. was indeed the religious centre and symbol of unity of the ancient Greek world. The Delphi museum houses some of the most important findings from the excavations in the surrounding area.
Don’t miss the opportunity to visit and make sure to ask us to assist you in planning a guided tour of the archaeological site and museum.

Corycian Cave – Κωρύκειο ‘Αντρο (15 Km.)
The Corycian Cave is famous, not only thorugh myths, but also through the ancient scriptures. Pausanias, a well know Greek traveler and geographer, who visited it in the 1st century AD, reports that it was the most remarkable of all the caves he had seen.
Stalachtites are hanging from its roof thus creating an abstract piece of art. It is believed that inside the cave there must have been an oracle in prehistoric times. The ancients also believed that though the cave there was a path that led to Hades.
It is only 15 km from Elatos Resort to Arachova and you can go either by hiking or by car.