Local excursions

Asopos Canyon’s Crossing (42 klm)

The gorge is ideal for traversing all year. Located on the tops of mount Iti, it is a little miracle of nature with crystal clear water.

It presents historical interest as it was the passage of Ephialtes when he betrayed the Greeks to the Persians during the Battle of Thermopylae.

Vagonneto – A Journey to the Center of the Earth (32 klm)
The Fokis Mining Park is a new, yet unique attraction. It is a place to learn the history of mining and the exploitation of bauxite. The same train that was used to transfer the miners is used to tour the underground tunnels 200 meters below the earth!

For more informatins you can visit www.vagonetto.gr

Agoriani or Eptalofos (8 klm)
It is one of the best areas of Parnassos to visit throughout the year. A historic village built amphitheatrically on seven hills at an altitude of 850-990m near the fir slopes of Mount Parnassus. Green, with abundant resources and natural beauty Eptalofos was the sanctuary of Byzantine emperors Komnenoi. The area’s attractions are the many churches, the picturesque springs and finally the marked trail E4 starting from the central square of the village. There are two pathw to follow, one to Delphi and one to Kaloskopi. Finally, in the village of Eptalofo poet Angelos Sikelianos lived and created for many years. His house has became a museum. The distance from Eptalofos to Elatos Resort & Health Club is 8 km or a 10 minute drive.